The Best Wedding Videographers In Kitchener-Waterloo

January 24th, 2024

Why should you hire a wedding videographer?

As a wedding photographer, I love working alongside skilled videographers on a wedding day! While hiring both photo AND video can feel overwhelming, with the right photo-video team, we can elevate your wedding day experience. Video teams are not only able to capture elements of your wedding day that aren't possible with photo coverage alone (e.g., your vows and speeches), but they bring another professional set of eyes, ensuring everything important on your wedding day is captured.


Which video team should we hire for our Kitchener-Waterloo wedding?

We're SO lucky to have so many talented wedding videographers in KW. Below I've listed some people that I've worked with before and I trust will take the utmost care of you and your memories leading up to, during, and after your wedding day. These videographers not only create beautiful work, but they are overall wonderful humans to have around.


Take a look at each videographer's website to get a sense of who would be the perfect fit for you! (Please note that I have not listed these videographers in any particular order and all photos were submitted to me by my videography friends ♥️).

Liam Good

Liam from Liam Good Visuals. You can also check out Liam's Instagram here.


Timothy Muza

Tim from Timothy Muza Photography & Films. You can also check out Tim's Instagram here.


Bryan Brubacher

Bryan from Brubacher Films. You can also check out Bryan's Instagram here.




Lucas from Your Day By Lucas. You can also check out Lucas' Instagram here.



I would be ecstatic if you hired any of these videographers to work with me on your wedding day!